Zimbabwe Implements Stricter Vehicle Registration Requirements at Border Posts

Zimbabwe Cracks Down on Vehicle Import Fraud with New Registration Rules

In a move to curb vehicle smuggling and fraudulent registration, the Zimbabwe’s tax authority, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra), has implemented new regulations.

The new rules require all vehicle importers, except diplomats and registered car dealers, to obtain number plates from the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) before leaving the ports of entry or designated transit sheds.

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Zimra Crackdown on Customs Fraud

The implementation, which began on Monday 1 July, is a response to increasing incidents of vehicles being smuggled into the country and subsequently fraudulently registered.

According to Zimra officials, this move is crucial in reducing customs fraud, where imported vehicles are misdeclared or undervalued to evade taxes.

Zimra Public Notice

In a public notice, Zimra has announced significant changes for vehicle importers utilizing the Plumtree Border Post.

Under the new regulations, all vehicles cleared at Plumtree Border Post and Beitbridge Border Post must obtain registration and number plates before being released from Zimra custody.

 “The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority advises members of the public, who intend to import vehicles through Plumtree Border Post, that with effect from July 1, 2024, all vehicles cleared at Plumtree Border Post would be required to obtain registration and number plates before release from Zimra.”

Detailed Requirements and Process

In the public notice Zimra outlined detailed requirements for clients seeking to obtain motor vehicle registration books and number plates, as per a recent public notice. Applicants must present a valid police clearance stamped by the Vehicle Theft Squad (VTS), which remains valid for 14 days. Additionally, they must provide the original ASYCUDA receipt of duty payment and an original Insurance Cover Note, along with a photocopy of the same document.

Furthermore, applicants are required to furnish proof of residence, such as utility bills, which must be stamped and authorized by a commissioner of oaths.

They must also submit photocopies of national identity documents, similarly stamped and authorized. An affidavit or letter of authority stamped by the police, or a power of attorney stamped or notarized by a legal representative, may be required for vehicle registration on behalf of the owner.

For representatives handling registration procedures, Zimra mandates submission of their ID copy and a valid Zimra stamped ID if they are registered clearing agents. Immigrants or returning residents must provide an original passport and all export documents from the shipping country, along with a Consignment Based Conformity Assessment (CBCA) certificate.

Ensuring Compliance and Accountability

The notice from Zimra further explicitly states that no vehicle will be released from Zimra custody without proper registration, unless specific authority has been granted.

“No vehicle shall be released from Zimra custody without registration unless authority has been granted,” reads the notice.

The new regulations aim to close this loophole and ensure that all imported vehicles are properly registered before being released from the border posts or transit sheds.


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