WCW – Asher Mpilo – Actress, Singer and Writer

Our #WCW is Asher Mpilo, a multi-talented artist, is known for her incredible performances as an actress, singer/rappe, and her passion for writing captivating screenplays and novels.

After graduating from the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy, she further honed her craft at the Dell’arte International School of Physical Theatre in California. Asher’s journey in the world of theatre led her to collaborate with the Hinterlands Theatre Company and perform various pieces, including clowning, in California. She also showcased her poetic and theatrical skills in a piece at the Room Project in Detroit.

Not only is Asher a powerhouse on stage and in writing, but she has also ventured into the music world, working on projects with German artists during their residency in Detroit. Her creativity knows no bounds, as she even had one of her screenplays filmed in Kenya, Africa. Recently, Asher added “published author” to her list of accomplishments with her romance-gangster love fiction novel, “The Viper,” available on Amazon.

My inspiration for becoming a writer comes from my love for reading and the desire to share my imaginative world with others. The joy of entertaining, communicating ideas, and connecting with readers on an emotional level keeps the passion alive. Knowing that I am positively impacting lives, bringing happiness, and fulfilling my purpose fuels my dedication to writing. The support and engagement from my WhatsApp fan base play a significant role in keeping my passion burning brightly.
The best part of being an author is bringing my own experiences and emotions to life through storytelling. However, the challenging aspect is balancing vulnerability with the need to create a compelling narrative.

But Asher’s artistic journey doesn’t stop there. She is also passionate about giving back and has volunteered with the Zimbabwe Cultural Centre in Detroit. Lately, she has been sharing her knowledge and teaching Shona language classes to American artists and American-born Zimbabweans, bridging cultures through her art.

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